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Concrete Textures

Is your concrete boring?  Do you want to add some life to your next driveway or patio?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you need Whitton Concrete.  

Take a look at some of these finishes and contact us for more information, contact Whitton.

Exposed AggregateAggregate Exposed

Aggregate is exposed by "seeding" the fresh concrete with aggregate. Or aggregate can be exposed by removing the surface cement "paste" by using a high-pressure water wash, sand blasting, grinding, bushhammering, or spraying a surface set-retarding compound. Exposure level can vary from barely revealing fine aggregate ("brush") or up to 1/3 the diameter of coarse aggregate ("heavy"). Aggregates can be colored or sparkling, fractured or smooth.

Broom FinishBroom Finish

Made by pulling special brooms across stiff, freshly floated or troweled surface. For variety, broom texture can be heavy or light, and in straight or wavy lines.


Salt FinishSalt Finish

Rock salt is pressed into the surface after finishing. After 24 hours, the salt is washed away with water and a brush. Pay attention to remove all traces of salt. Allow surface and pockets to dry before applying curing compound.


StampedStamped Concrete

A powder release agent or plastic sheet is placed on the concrete surface after floating. Special stamping tools are pressed into the concrete to create a pattern and then removed.

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Whether it's driveways, slabs, sidewalks, ac pads, patios or tilt panels, if you need concrete, we've got you covered.